Nice to meet you! So what do you want to know? It all started with drawings on the paper bags my mom would bring home from the grocery store. As a kid I took up many different hobbies but art has always been my passion. My computer science teacher in high school opened the door to graphic design and by college I was totally hooked.


I walked away from a career in sales to be the engine under Sharkshock's hood. You see, Sharkshock is small. VERY small..... OK, it's pretty much just my wife and I.  People hire me to design things: logos, fonts, posters, advertisements, and many others. I take pictures of things as well. It's hard for my friends to believe I dropped photography in college but it's a true story. (The foul smelling darkroom and pinhole camera had to go)


 While carefully staying within the lines has it's place, here I encourage you to think outside the box. Design to me is much more than color, shapes, and the right typeface. Communication is the genesis of my design process. Careful thought is given to each project long before Illustrator or Photoshop are fired up. Have a look around and download a new font or two. (They're all free for personal use) If my work looks like your brand of scotch then by all means contact me.


You can normally find me planted firmly in front of my laptop looking at Flickr, reading design forums, or editing RAW files from past photo trips. Photography is another passion, one of necessity, as it keeps my mind fresh and full of ideas. Ditto for travel. When not working I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Marvel movies, college football, and flourishing at the beach. London is my favorite city in the world and cereal is to be eaten right before bed.




Communication Arts East Carolina Univ.

BA in Graphic Design UNC-Pembroke

graphic design since 1993

font design since 2001

photography since 2011



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Muse

PhotoMatrix Pro