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Welcome to our fonts section. This collection is but a fraction of all of which I've created. Only those that were deemed to have preserved a minimum of quality were scrubbed up, polished, and added to the archive. More will be "resurrected" as time allows while some will be retired.


All of the files are free to download for personal use. Please contact me or click here for information on commercial use. If you're using the fonts to sell something then this qualifies as commercial use. If you're ready to purchase use the form at the bottom of the license page to let me know which end user license agreement (EULA) option and tier you need. A secure invoice via PayPal will be sent. The license will be emailed after payment has cleared. Illegal usage of our font software is prohibited and protected by law. Please see terms and conditions.


Sharkshock is capable of building custom fonts. If you'd like information on this use the contact link and we can discuss pricing. Do note that some typefaces are designed to be display fonts and do not contain a complete set consisting of lettering, punctuation, and other characters. These missing characters can be created for a fee. Older files are in TTF format unless otherwise noted. OTF format will be the standard going forward. Feel free to redistribute as long as the readme file stays intact.




081/26/19 Crosshatcher, Cowboys 2.0, Dark & Black, Helmswald Post, Royal Crescent, and Simpsonfont added


07/08/19 New Marketplace/Ad EULA available for users of Etsy and YouTube. Conditions and restrictions apply.


03/29/19 Grinched 2.0 and Enchanted Land updated. Banbury, United Kingdom, Goldoni, and Kingsmen added.


12/05/18 College Block, Ring of Kerry, Wicked Mouse, Königsberg, Republica Minor 2.0, Wonderbar, Medusa Gothic, Twiddlestix, Heathergreen, Hennigar, and Praetoria added.


11/25/18 Buy one get one applies to all licenses through the end of 2016 with this code: BOGO16


07/07/186: Café Françoise, Suissnord, Blockletter, and Death Star added. Blockbusted retired.


04/18/18 Enchanted Land, Red Seven, and Cronus added.


03/07/18 TypoGraphica updated. Kerning is now tighter and more consistent. Certain Cyrillic characters have been updated for italics. 2 alternate ampersands added.


02/20/18 Queen of Camelot updated. It now features redrawn characters, kerning, diacritics for Polish, and accents. Deutschlander and Freakshow now available for download.





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Please consider helping out your friendly neighborhood font foundry. Donations go a long way and a few dollars is a great way to say "thank you" for that cool font. Many hours go into the design process, generating alternates, kerning, and other things. Sharkshock offers the full version of many for free personal use. Your support is most appreciated!





How to install fonts after downloading

Windows: Right-click on the font files > "Install"

or put the font files into C:\Windows\Fonts

Mac OS X: Double-click the font file > "Install font" button


UPDATED 05/20/2015

  Caesar Little SS                                                 BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION


 COWBOYS                                                            ALL CAPS | basic latin and punctuation

UPDATED: 04/06/2015

Dreamscar                                                           BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION

Display Font

 Fridays                                                            ALL CAPS | basic latin and punctuation

Display Font

Fujita Ray                                                                BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION


Green Eggs & Spam                                                                          ligatures | accents

New Version (Replaces Grinched)

  Grinched 2.0                                                                 diacritics| accents | Cyrillic


Hackney Block                                                            4 Styles |ligatures | accents

Display font Updated 11/22/2015

Hundo                                                             ALL CAPS | BASIC latin AND PUNCTUATION

Display font

Ludlow Strong Ale                          BASIC CHARACTERS AND Limited PUNCTUATION

Display font

Modeccio                                                             BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION

Headline font     UPDATED: 04/21/2015

News of the World                               4 Styles |ligatures | accents | Cyrillic

display font  updated: 02/20/2016

Queen of camelot                             ALL CAPS | 3 Styles | accents | diacritics

 UPDATED: 04/24/2015

Raiderfont                                                         BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION


Reisenberg                                                            Ligatures  | Accents | 2 styles

 UPDATED: 04/24/2015

Republica Minor                    4 Styles |ligatures | accents | CyrilLIC | Greek


Space Angel                                                      BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION


TH3 MACHINE                                                          BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION


ThunderLord                                                      BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION

DISPLAY FONT with graphics

Tiki tropic                                                            BASIC CHARACTERS AND PUNCTUATION

Updated: 11/23/2015

Vonique 64                                                                  4 styles | ligatures | accents


Wendyville                                                                                                              Accents


Your Royal Majesty                                                                       Ligatures  | Accents


Reisenberg                                                                Ligatures  | Accents | 2 styles

all caps DISPLAY FONT with graphics

Café Françoise                                                             ALL CAPS | Accents | 2 styles

gaelic DISPLAY FONT with graphics

Ring of Kerry                                                                   European Accents | graphics



Wonderbar                                         All Caps | Accents | 2 styles | Alternates


Wicked Mouse                                                                                       Accents | 2 styles

all caps display font

Twiddlestix                                                                                                                 Accents

pro font

Hennigar                              Accents | alternates | Ligatures| Cyrillic | Greek

New Version (Replaces Grinched)

  Grinched 2.0                                                                   diacritics| accents | Cyrillic

titling font

display font

Goldoni                                                                               All Caps| accents| diacritics

united kingdom                                        All Caps| accents| diacritics | 3 styles

titling font

display  font

banbury                                                  smAll Caps| accents| ligatures | 2 styles

kingsmen                                             Accents | alternates | Ligatures | 4 styles

New Version (Replaces Cowboys)

  cowboys 2.0                                                                     all caps| accents | Cyrillic

display font

display font

Helmswald post                                                        blackletter| accents| cyrillic

Helmswald post                                                       blackletter| accents| cyrillic

all caps display font

display  font

Royal Crescent                                                                  all caps| accents| 3 styles

simpsonfont                                                                   Accents | diacritics | cyrillic

newer version of queen of camelot

display  font

queen of camelot 2.0                                all caps| accents | Cyrillic | 3 styles

durango western                                    all caps | accents | cyrilliic | 2 styles

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